Here’s a map puzzle to figure out

We just received this email:

My name is Matt, and I’m participating in a trivia scavenger hunt contest sponsored by a college radio station in Minnesota. We are given visual clues to identify ahead of time, as they will ask questions about them during the contest. One of the images is a mid-20th century Rand McNally map of California with some alterations:

We likely need to identify the common thread from all the locations keyed on the map. The points that stand out to me are the lines that go to Catalina Island, the Salton Sea, and the Algodones Dunes area. Do you have any idea what the purpose of this map might be, or where it might be from? Any educated guesses, context clues, or wild speculations are appreciated, as they may aid future searching.

Please send your thoughts to: Matt Dow []

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