Bay Area Map Group

Bird's eye view of San Francisco Charles Parsons, 1879

Bird’s eye view of San Francisco Charles Parsons, 1879

The BAM Group was founded by Leonard Rothman, Nick Kanas and Greg McIntosh in 2004. From its inception the BAM has provided a more frequent venue for members to meet to get to know each other as well as present and discuss their own collections.

Meetings are usually held at a member’s home on a Sunday afternoon and the hosts supply snacks and wine. The host also makes a presentation from his or her map collection. Attendees are encouraged to bring a map or two of their own to show the group. Aside from sharing maps and discussing other topics of interest, the attendees also try to set the date and place for the next meeting.

The BAM Group normally meets three times per year Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring and late Summer. The Group tries to meet at least six weeks before or after the CMS meetings to avoid schedule conflict or meeting overload. There is no membership fee, but, to be a member, one must belong to the California Map Society (CMS). Members may bring guests to meetings who are encouraged to join the CMS if they want to continue participating with the Group.

Leonard Rothman is the coordinator for the BAM Group and he maintains the membership list and email roster. To be added to his email distribution or to learn more about the BAM Group, please contact Leonard at See our Next Meeting page for the upcoming gathering place and time.

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