Greater Los Angeles Map group (GLAM)

The Greater Los Angeles Map group (GLAM) was established in 2019 by Nagin Cox.  GLAM’s mission is to provide local opportunities for CMS members from the greater Los Angeles area to gather for events of interest to mappers.

Like the Bay Area Map group (after which it’s patterned), meetings are usually held at a member’s home on a weekend afternoon and the hosts supply snacks. The host also makes a presentation from his or her map collection. Everyone is encouraged to bring a map or two to show the group. Aside from sharing maps and discussing other topics of interest, the attendees also try to set the date and place for the next meeting.

GLAM normally meets three times per year. The group tries to meet at least six weeks before or after CMS general meetings to avoid schedule conflict or meeting overload. CMS members may bring guests to meetings who are encouraged to join the CMS if they want to continue participating with the Group.

Nagin Cox is the coordinator for the BAM Group and she maintains the membership list and email roster. To be added to GLAM’s email distribution or to learn more about the group, please email


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