A New California?

Ever since California was founded in 1848 residents have tried to split off sections into new states.  One major effort in the 1930s to form a new state of Jefferson, comprising northern California counties and southern Oregon counties was thwarted by the outbreak of World War 2.  It was restarted following the financial crash in 2008 but appears to have faltered again.  A 2016 effot to split California into 6 separate states failed to gain traction at the ballot box.

The “New California” initiative, declared in Sacramento on Jan 15, 2018,aims to split the state into two again.  Unlike previous efforts which largely aimed at a north-south split this one aims more at an east-west division splitting the coastal strip from San Francisco to Los Angeles away from the inland area which will become “New California”.  Will it suffer the same fate as its predecessors?

The blue area on the map below shows the proposed “New California”.



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