Puzzles & Games

f0-puzzlemapThe creation of jigsaw puzzle maps or dissected maps dates back to the 16th century and continues today often as a teaching aid for geography or just for fun. Maps were used in board games even before their use as puzzles.

Printing maps on playing cards started back in 1590 when an entrepreneur realized that the total number of counties in England and Wales was fifty-two. These were so popular that a whole series of playing card maps followed over the ensuing centuries.

With computers and the internet, using maps in games has gone into new dimensions. Here’s one to test your skill at locating sites around the world:www.travelpod.com/traveler-iq

If your spatial perception or eye-hand coordination is challenged by that site, you can try this one to test your geographic knowledge: www.travbuddy.com/geoquiz

The ultimate geographic game may be to join into the travel competition described by one of our speakers from San Francisco; see at his web site how you stack up in the competition to see 773 world locations:mosttraveledpeople.com

Now with GPS we have the adult version of hide and seek game, geocaching, and you don’t have to go around the world to play: www.geocaching.com

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