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Our members have contributed these map images and descriptions to share their passion in historic cartography of all types. Larger images and further description is available by clicking on a map icon below.


peutinger_antioch_largeAncient Roman Road Map, 1624


schedel_1493aPre-Columbus World Map, 1493
Hartmann Schedel, Liber Chronicarum (Nuremberg Chronicle)



flamsteed-lgStar Chart From First Royal Astronomer, 1729
John Flamsteed, Monoceros, Canis Major & Minor, Navis, Lepus (constellations) Plate From Atlas Coelestis


doppelmayr-lgAstronomical Knowledge In The Early 1700’s, 1742
Johann Doppelmayr, Systema Solare Et Planetarium Plate From Atlas Novus Coelestis In Quo…



E1e-new-Munster-enlarged-imageFirst Printed Map of the Western Hemisphere Alone, 1540
Sebastian Münster, Novae Insvlae, Xvii Nova Tabvla (new Map Of The New Island)


chatelain_1719_enlargementMost Spectacular Map of Americas, 1719
Henri Abraham Chatelain, Carte Tres Curieuse De La Mer Du Sud (very Curious Map Of The Southern Sea)


United States

sanson_167917th Century Territorial Claims Of European Countries & Geographic Misconceptions, 1679
Nicolas Sanson, Le Nouveau Mexique Et La Florid



briggsFirst Printed Map Showing California As An Island, 1625 
Henry Briggs, The North Part Of America


Earliest Map To Emphasize California As An Islandsanson_1657a, 1657
Nicolas Sanson, Audience De Guadalajara, Nouveau Mexique, Californie, &c. (Royal Judicial Court Of Guadalajara, New Mexico, California &c.)


kinoMap Ending Myth of California As An Island, 1705
Father Eusebio Kino, Passage Par Terre A La Californie (Passage By Land To California)


larkinFirst Map of California Gold Region, 1848
Thomas O. Larkin, Map Of The Valley Of The Sacramento Including The Gold Region



ordclEarly Map of Los Angeles, 1849
Edward O.C. Ord, Plan De La Ciudad De Los Angeles (Plan of The City of Los Angeles)




New content will be added to this section of our web site as it becomes available. In general we prefer maps that include California, were made by Californians, or relate in some way to our state. Contact the webmaster if you would like to offer some of your favorites for viewing here.

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