Union Catalog

The Union Catalogue is an internet catalog of over 8,000 maps of California and the World from The Huntington Library, Art Collection & Botanical Gardens. At this point we have not included the Pasadena Museum of Historyor Altadena Historical Society maps, but those will follow.

This database was developed by Bill Warren, a Past President of the Society, and Mario Einaudi, Kembel Digital Projects Librarian at the Huntington Library. The California Map Society is indebted to all three institutions for allowing its members and the public for the opportunity to view this database free of charge and additionally thanks the Huntington Library for providing the host server.

Enter the Union Catalog here.

If you’ve tried to look at the Union Catalog recently, you’ve been disappointed. We’ve now revised the site so you can once again connect with quite a few significant antique maps but in a little different format.

What happened? When we set this up years ago, the Library didn’t want public access to their holdings and database. The link was concealed so entry was only through the California Map Society website. Times change and ideas change, so the reluctance to display the connection changed to reflect the openness now prevalent in most libraries.

You now can immediately tell you are dealing with the Huntington. There are some real advantages because you can now connect with some Huntington map databases not previously available. Take a look at the collections listed; some are brand new to our CMS site.

One other change of significance: the format has changed from FileMaker Pro to ContentDM reflecting changes in many Huntington databases. The data is the same; it’s just put in a slightly different presentation. Use the “Search” function to review this; for example choose a mapmaker or region.

Now you can see all of the available maps in the Huntington collection with thumbnails and short descriptions so you can easily choose the ones you want to view more fully. Further, a number of records include scanned images which are much clearer than the previous hand held camera images.

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