Meetings & Events


We hold two general meetings each year, one in Northern California and the other in Southern California locations. The Spring meeting is usually in Marcch or April in Northern California. The second meeting is held in the Fall in Southern California. These meetings normally begin around 9:00 and typically end with a social hour or event at 4:30 or 5:00. Our Vice Presidents for Northern or for Southern California act as the main meeting planner and coordinator for their respective meetings.

We also hold special meetings when someone in the map world comes to California or in conjunction with an important exhibition or mapping event in the state. We alert members in the area typically by email and notices on the wewbsite.

Our programs are open to anyone who registers. Guests and the public are welcome. There is no distinction between members and non-members in our meetings except in matters requiring a vote of the membership.

We encourage members with like interests or in a local area to form groups for further opportunities to learn and share information of interest. Each group establishes its own meetings and events.

We are receptive to trying different gatherings and events, so if you’ve some good ideas on making the Society more responsive to your needs, let us know.

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