Ames Research Center is located in Mountain View, California, 40 miles south of San Francisco and 12 miles north of San Jose. The entrance is easy to find since it is just east of Highway 101.  Get off at the “Moffett Blvd / NASA Parkway” exit, go east about a quarter of a mile, past the white “tent” of the NASA Ames Visitor Center (with its museum and gift shop) on the right.

Show the people at the Moffett Field Main Gate your driver’s license and tell them that you are here for the California Map Society Meeting in Building 3.  Continue straight ahead on South Akron Road toward the massive shell of a Hanger (Building 1—section 3 A-B on the map).  On your left, just before the Hanger, is the NASA Ames Conference Center (NACC, Building 3).  You can park in the lot on your right (see map below).  Come into the Conference Center and follow the signs to the Ballroom.  You have arrived.

Click on this image for better view.NASA Ames map graphic

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