Photos from our November 15, 2014 Meeting at CSU Long Beach

Mary Holder took all these pictures at our Fall 2014 Meeting. Len was busy providing recognition to many members as well as the speakers.

002_20141115_Hyowon Ban_John Fleming

Hyowon Ban & John Fleming

001_20141115_Len Rothman

Len Rothman

003_20141115_Hyowon Ban welcome

Hyowon Ban welcome


042_20141115_Len rothman_Susan Caughey

Len Rothman & Susan Caughey


044_20141115_Len Rothman_Bill Warren

Len Rothman & Bill Warren


043_20141115_Len Rothman_David Kalifon

Len Rothman & David Kalifon

040_20141115_Len Rothman_Pat Boyce

Len Rothman & Pat Boyce

041_20141115_Len Rothman_John Fleming

Len Rothman & John Fleming

039_20141115_Mark Duran_Len Rothman

Mark Duran & Len Rothman

036_20141115_Mark Duran presentation

Mark Duran presentation


038_20141115_Gerald Washovsky_Len Rothman

Gerald Washovsky & Len Rothman

034_20141115_Gerald Washovsky

Gerald Washovsky



035_20141115_G Washovsky presentation

G Washovsky presentation

037_20141115_Andy Bradford_Len Rothman

Andy Bradford & Len Rothman


033_20141115_Andy Bradford 2

Andy Bradford

032_20141115_Andy Bradford 1

Andy Bradford


031_20141115_Judith Tyner

Judith Tyner

Arthur Getis & Judith Tyner

Arthur Getis & Judith Tyner

030_20141115_Getis presentation 2

Arthur Getis presentation

029_20141115_Getis presentation 1

Arthur Getis presentation

028_20141115_Arthur Getis

Arthur Getis

027_20141115_Richard Cloward

Richard Cloward

026_20141115_Christine Rodrigue 2

Christine Rodrigue


025_20141115_Christine Rodrigue 1

Christine Rodrigue

022_20141115_John Fleming_Christine Rodrigue

John Fleming & Christine Rodrigue

023_20141115_audience 1


021_20141115_Len Rothman_Nick Kanas_John Gubbins

Len Rothman, Nick Kanas & John Gubbins

020_20141115_Susan Caughey_John Fleming_John Gubbins

Susan Caughey, John Fleming & John Gubbins

018_20141115_Richard Cloward_Steve HIcks

Richard Cloward & Steve HIcks

019_20141115_Tom Worth_David Kalifon

Tom Worth & David Kalifon

016_20141115_Beth English_Ed English_Fran Griffin_Gerald Tyner

Beth English, Ed English, Fran Griffin & Gerald Tyner

014_20141115_Pam Kreil_Juliette Rothman

Pam Kreil & Juliette Rothman

015_20141115_Len Rothman_Ronald Gustafson

Len Rothman & Ronald Gustafson

013_20141115_Mary Holder_Pam Kreil_Barb Little

Mary Holder, Pam Kreil & Barb Little


012_20141115_Hyowan Ban Calliope Collaboration 4

Hyowan Ban Calliope Collaboration


010_20141115_Hyowan Ban Calliope Collaboration 2

Hyowan Ban Calliope Collaboration

011_20141115_Hyowan Ban Calliope Collaboration 3

Hyowan Ban Calliope Collaboration

009_20141115_Hyowon Ban Calliope Collaboration

Hyowon Ban Calliope Collaboration

008_20141115_Hyowon Ban Calliope Collaboration

Hyowon Ban

007_20141115_Bill Warren presentation 3

Bill Warren presentation

005_20141115_Bill Warren presentation 1

Bill Warren presentation

006_20141115_Bill Warren presentation 2

Bill Warren presentation

004_20141115_Bill Warren

Bill Warren

024_20141115_audience 2





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