40 maps that explain the Middle East

If you’re a maphead and confused about the Middle East, here’s the answer. There are forty maps depicting the history through to the current events in the region. It’s still confusing but seeing the data spatially clears up a lot questions. You sure see how the political boundaries have little basis in history or culture. Go […]

Interview with an internet map guru

The Atlantic magazine recently published an interview with Nik Freeman, an “amateur” mapmaker who has had his creations go viral on the internet. He enjoys creating maps to portray data spatially as a “hobby”. You will enjoy the examples shown in the article Click on continue reading to get to the link for the article here: How […]

Want to dip your toe into GIS?

Penn State through Coursera is offering a FREE course to get you started in GIS and the related new spatial technologies. No prerequisites are required; you just need an internet connection and some time. The online classes will start March 25 and end on May 6th and even include “hands on” labs for creating maps. […]

Where in the world is … MH 370??

We’ve all been speculating on what happened. Click on Continue Reading to see some of the information and analysis in the media as of April 8 – a month after the aircraft went missing: //// The Wall Street Journal search overview map //// CNN’s extensive map coverage //// ExtremeTech’s engineering analysis ////    

See Jon Jablonski’s presentation on the Fairchild Aerial Survey

Please “Continue Reading” below to see Jon Jablonski’s entertaining visual presentation about the history of the Fairchild Aerial Survey. At the University of Santa Barbara he oversees its preservation and continued use by folks around the country.  There’s no archive like it and Fairchild was a visionary to create it. / / / Click on Continue Reading […]

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