Research & Education

h0-globeConsistent with our mission preserve and disseminate historical and contemporary cartography, primarily of California, CMS encourages research in and the teaching of cartography and related fields. Our focus is on California but our interests span the universe.

Our members regularly review books in the field and share their comments at our meetings, in our newsletters, and here at our web site. We encourage the research of our members by sponsoring the publication of Occasional Papers documenting their work. And our speakers ay our member meetings make wonderful presentations on widely varying topics.

We aim to encourage the teaching of cartography and related fields in California and seek partners in the educational community to further this cause. We are encouraged by the renewed interests in maps, their use, and their dissemination enabled by digital technologies and the internet, many of which were created and developed in our state. We want seek programs and other means to support as well as augment these developments for the development and preservation of maps of all kinds.

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