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CMS sponsors the publication of research by our members in cartography and related fields. Members are encouraged to contact the Vice President for Publications to discuss their proposed research publication. For reference here are our current Standards for Submission of an Occasional Paper for publication by the Society.

Our policy effective 2011 is to publish our Occasional Papers (OPs) electronically on our public website in PDF format for reliable printing and in HTML format for optimal viewing and enhanced images whenever possible.  At this time full copies of OPs are available below in PDF format except as noted. Some recent OPs or images are also available in HTML format. OP No. 5, a full book, is made available through an online copy courtesy of Stanford University.

In 2014 the Board approved a policy to offer printed compilations of Occasional Papers that had previously only been offered in electronic form.  The link to purchase the printed versions is provided below. Life and Patron Members receive a complementary copy as a membership benefit in the year the compilations are published.

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Occasional Paper Title Author(s) or Editor(s) Date of Publication
No. 1 The Maps, Plans and Sketches of Herman Ehrenberg; a Carto-Bibliography Diane M. T. North August 1988
No. 2 Development of the American Atlas: 1790 – 1980 Judith A. Tyner June 1989
No. 3 University of California Library Bulletin No. 9, List of printed Maps of California, Berkeley, 1887 Forward by Alfred W. Newman December 1992
No. 4 The History of the California Map Society Compiled by Sarah Crumb October 1995
No. 5 The Mapping of California as an Island Glen McLaughlin & Nancy H. Mayo 1995
No. 6 California 49 Warren Heckrotte & Julie Sweetkind 1999
No. 7 Night Vision Maps Gerald L. Greenberg February 2002
No. 8 From the Stone Age to the Electronic Age: the Saga of a Cartographer in the Twentieth Century and Beyond (excerpt only now) Norman J. W. Thrower September 2004
No. 9 Maps and Civilization Revisited (excerpt only now) Norman J. W. Thrower December 2009

No. 10

Of Beauties and Beasts: The Golden Age of Celestial Cartography

Nick Kanas, M.D.
February 2010

No. 11

Glen McLaughlin
November 2012

No. 12

Cartocravatia (PDF)

Cartocravatia Gallery of Ties

Dr. Leonard Rothman
February 2013
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