Transit Maps of the World, the World’s First Collection of Every Urban Train Map on Eart

clip_image004_0000by Mark Ovenden, Second Edition, 2007, Penguin Books, paperback, 144 pages all in color

I love it when someone says “Every _ map on Earth.” That’s a challenge, knowing how many cities of the World have such systems. Well, this book does a pretty good job from London to Yokohama with hundreds of places you never dreamed had a rapid transit system. Dubai will have one in two years and it’s covered along with some others which may never get farther than the drawing board.

The first section of this book covers major systems-London, New York, Chicago, Paris, Moscow and Madrid and delves into historic system maps in addition to up to date ones. Mr. Beck’s London Underground map has served as a model for many systems, no wonder they look similar. Lots of 45 degree lines giving the impression the cities were laid out by transit   engineers rather than horse cart drivers.

One of the things you’ll notice right away is that all major cities have rapid transit systems to their airports-save one. Of course, that’s Los Angeles, which will never have because the airports are owned exclusively by the City of LA, which makes many millions of dollars each year from their parking lots.

A fun book for world travelers and for those of us map nuts who dream of visiting far away places and remember riding some of these lines.

Reviewed by Bill Warren 
From the Society’s December 2008 Newsletter

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