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Our members' professions range from students, professors, and researchers to professionals of all kinds and to the retired. Their interests which drive our meetings, publications, and activities range from very specific periods and types of historic maps to the use of remote sensing for modern cartography and GIS. And almost every member has an eclectic cartographic curiosity or two to share with you. Just check out our history to see the full spectrum of our interests.

We have several levels of membership including Student, Retired, Active, and Patron. These members have chosen to become Life Members:
  • Pat Boyce
  • Trish Caldwell
  • Juan Ceva
  • Fred DeJarlais
  • Caleb Finch
  • John Fleming
  • Ronald Gustafson
  • William Harris
  • Philip Hoehn
  • Wally Jansen
  • James Jeffery III
  • Michael Dean Jennings
  • David Kalifon
  • Jean Lhuillier
  • Catherine MacMillan
  • Michael Maiuri
  • Glen McLaughlin
  • Kitty Newman
  • Cherie Northon
  • Kathryn Purwin
  • Leonard Rothman
  • David Rumsey
  • Nanneke Shaffer
  • Philip Simon
  • Norman J.W. Thrower
  • Michael Turrini
  • Albert Vogeler (deceased)

    To join our band, please go to our membership page. Please note that CMS respects your privacy rights and will not disclose your personal information without your approval.

    CMS encourages members to form groups with like-minded interests or geographic proximity. The group leadership needs only to submit the nature and purpose of the group to the CMS Board for its approval to receive assistance in establishing the group such as email lists and web site postings. Here are the currently active groups:

    • BAM (Bay Area Mappers)
    • GLAM (Greater Los Angeles Mappers)


    The CALIFORNIA MAP SOCIETY is a not-for-profit California corporation and a 501(c)(4) corporation under federal law.  Copyright 2001-2023.  To contact webmaster, click here. 
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