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When will the next programs take place in Southern and Northern California?

We regularly hold two educational meetings each year, alternating between Northern California and Southern California locations. The first (Northern) meeting in the year is held in January or February and the second (Southern) meeting in the Fall. For more information about our upcoming meetings, go to our next meeting page.

Do you ever have any special meetings?

Yes. If we can entice someone within the map world to come to California, we try to set up an evening or afternoon meeting. With sufficient notice we can alert members in the area. We are receptive to trying different things, so if you've some good ideas on making the Society more responsive to your needs, let us know.

Do I have to be a member to attend your meetings?

Not at all. Our programs are open to anyone who registers. There is no distinction between members and non-members. If you attend a meeting, we hope you'll be so enthused that you'll want to join to get more information.

How many members do you have?

We have more than 200 members. Most are from California, but some are scattered across the country and world. Our members include individual collectors, academic geographers, librarians, historians and other with an interest in maps. Some map dealers join because each member is provided with a roster of members. We do not sell our membership list but members are at liberty to make mailings to other members where the purpose is to promote our common interest in maps.

More to come ...

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